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Kassiaru Cup 2021!

Competition:Kassiaru Cup 2021
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June 12 - start at 11.00

Competition game: 501 (double out), the game starts with the center throw (only the green or red center counts) The format of the competition depends on the number of participants can be changed on the spot.

Competitors will be drawn into subgroups, where everyone will play with everyone, the top 2 in each subgroup will advance to the play-off.

- Subgroups will be played until 3 wins (better than 5) - 1/4 and 1/2 finals will be played until 4 wins (better than 7) - Final will be played until 5 wins (better than 9) Women will play separately if at least 4 the opportunity to buy food and your alcohol is not expected.

For faster accommodation option accommodation price 10.-eur per person.

In the evening sauna and other lawn games