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Drump Group OÜ
DrumpDarts e-shop offers well-known brands at good and best prices!

About us

We do not have a physical store, but it is possible to get acquainted with the products by prior arrangement by phone. The vast majority of products sold in the e-store are immediately available in Estonia. Feel free to contact us.

We can also find products and spare parts on display at most cup competitions organized in Estonia. Information about the competitions can be found at www.darts.ee

Drump Group OÜ
Reg code: 12900217
Lastekodu tn 11 (legal address)
10115, Tallinn, Estonia

Est tel: +372 532 25 397

Rus, Eng tel: +372 5322 5397

Email: info@drumpdarts.ee

a / a: EE061010220275211229
KMKR Nr: EE101814072